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The Budapest nightlife in general

It's no exaggeration for declare that the Budapest nightlife has radically transformed itself in the last 10 years. Whoever hasn't visited Budapest since the early 2000's, and garnered their opinion from having a look at the Budapest nightlife during that time period will not recognize the place. The total shift in power relations among the various night clubs also fits right into this transformation of the Budapest nightlife. The night clubs associated with organized crime and living by ripping off tourists have closed, and finally those strip bars have taken the stage where a customer-centered, correct mode of catering and service is to be encountered. The Club P1 is the flagship of these new-style nightclubs, and always led the good fight for the clean-up of the Budapest nightlife scene.

What has happened in 2012 in the history of Budapest nightlife is for us a unique and still hard-to-grasp series of measures bringing positive change: namely, those dishonest establishments remaining in Budapest were liquidated. There was a huge step towards the final cleaning up of the Budapest nightlife, which could only be achieved through the total replacement of the police leadership that enabled corruption. These bars were a source of despair for the unsuspecting tourist, employing the following method: they would send groups of girls to walk the downtown streets of the capital, looking for newcomers to the city, and upon striking up an acquaintance with their unfortunate victims, encouraged them to invite them to the bar where they were employed. After distracting the victims' attention from the prices, they consumed without limit, until the bill reached a tidy sum totaling thousands of euros. The customer naturally caught on to the fact that he had been taken to the cleaners, but it was too late, and he had to pay. If they called the police, the arriving officers, far from rendering assistance to the foreign guest, aided and abetted the criminal activities of the mafia, and forced the victim to pay.

Well, that's all over now!

The Budapest nightlife now shows a totally different face, with quality entertainment and correct prices and hospitality. Meanwhile, the ever-spreading ruin pubs lend Budapest a characteristic, authentic style that you can't find elsewhere. The newest generation of ruin pubs is discos created from repurposed buildings in the city center, adapted from the courtyard – covered in winter, open-air in summer – and the lower apartments and spaces. Currently these places draw the most Hungarian and foreign young people and are the liveliest, trendiest clubs in the Budapest nightlife within a certain segment.

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