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Our nightclub has been operating in the heart of Budapest for two years now, providing an unforgettable time for its esteemed guests. Two years has been enough to make the P1 the most frequented and most appreciated nightclub in the capital. It is no exaggeration to say that the P1 is the city's top club in every respect. The most articles, comments and reviews concern this nightclub on the Net and in the press, and we have the most - and the most beautiful - girls working right here. We have the greatest guest volume, so we can with a clear conscience announce that in this segment, Club P1 is more than No. 1.

The P1 is a trendy entertainment Mecca, serving every need and done up in bleeding-edge design. We cater mostly to the younger crowd, and thus we cater to countless parties, stag weekends and bachelor parties throughout the year.

Our bar has achieved such popularity in such a short time that we ourselves are amazed. We couldn't have imagined it 24 months ago! Innumerable Hungarian and international travel agencies have formed relationships with us and incorporated us into their portfolios. Thanks to this, the P1 is by now the city's most frequented and trendiest nightclub, which in season is often packed to capacity at the weekends.

Despite all of this, we don't forget where we came from, and we work hard every day for our continued success. We pay careful attention to quality catering and the comfort of our guests, as well as the excellence of our services at every moment or every day.

In our experience, the vast majority of guests return to visit us again. There are some who revisit Budapest just to enjoy our services once more. We would like to preserve all this, and we strive to maintain it, and we hope to provide an unforgettable experience for as many people as possible, so that everyone will leave our doors knowing full well that they must return.

Enjoy the girls in P1



We organised a surprise party for a friend of mine in the P1, because he got married not long ago and we made a trip to Budapest for three days. I arranged everything well in advance with the nightclub, reserved a table, got vouchers, a ride, and arranged the show for the guest of honour. The party came off in unforgettable style, the club and the girls were fantastic! I have got to hand it to the management, who were able to put together such a great company and super atmosphere, this is the pinnacle of hospitality. Even while we were still at the party, we resolved to come back again and that’s a promise you can be sure that we are going to keep.

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